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Delegate tasks efficiently with Manage

After you’ve finished provisioning accounts in Identity Maestro, you’ll want to be able to manage them. Manage allows you to efficiently delegate account management tasks to front-line staff across multiple systems.

Need to reset a password? Enable or disable an account? Release intruder lockout? Add or remove users from Active Directory groups? No problem. Just search for the user. Select his or her name. And carry out the task. No more waiting. No more downtime. Your team can quickly carry out routine tasks from any browser.

Even administrators prefer to carry out simple tasks within Manage. Manage is so much faster than logging into and using standard, complex admin tools and consoles. Admins appreciate the ability of Manage to limit search contexts and delegated tasks.

Types of tasks that can be delegated:

  • Reset and expire passwords
  • Enable and disable accounts
  • Update directory information for users
  • Add and remove users from groups
  • Manage storage limits for users
  • Manage email delivery options, restrictions, and features
  • Manage email distribution lists
  • Rename, move, and delete directory objects
  • Release intruder lockout
  • Export directory attributes and users to a CSV file
  • Manage users’ Terminal Services profile
  • And more…

2. Manage identities across multiple systems.

Scroll through the screen shots below to see how Manage works.