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General Guide


Welcome to this guide

This guide is for front-line staff who will be provided the ability to manage and create users and groups in the various systems and online services that are managed in Identity Maestro.

Identity Maestro will give you the ability to manage users and groups from a web browser.

It is important to note that each user will have different menu options visible to them, so your Identity Maestro dashboard will not look exactly like the screen shots that you see throughout this guide.

How to log into Identity Maestro

Your Identity Maestro administrator will provide you with a website link for your login.

Identity Maestro has been optimized to work best with latest web browsers including Internet Explorer, FireFox, Google Chrome, and Safari.

Dashboard navigation

Once you reach your Dashboard, select the section from the top level tabs.

Manage Module

The Manage tab gives you the ability to locate and manage one or more users.


How to locate users

Use the Search form to find users by username, first or last names.  You can specify a full name, partial name or use wildcards.

How to manage a user

Right-click the user you want to manage to see a pop-up menu of tasks that you can perform.

IM Manage 1

Common Tasks

Includes enabling and disabling users, changing passwords, adding users to groups and email distribution lists, and updating a user’s personal identification information.

Enable / Disable a user

Disabled users will appear in the user list as a strike through.  Open the task menu for the disabled user and select Account Status.  Uncheck the Account Disabled option and save the change.

Change a user password

Open the task menu for a user, select Security and Reset Password, and provide a suitable password.

Add a user to a group or distribution list

Right-click one or more users to access the task menu and select Group Membership.  This will show the groups the user is currently a member of.

Click Add and click Search.  Select the desired group(s) or distribution list(s) to add the user to and click Add.

The list of managed groups will change to include the newly added groups.  Click Close to exit Group Management.

Modify identification information

Access the task menu of a user and choose Identification to open the Identification Information window.  The user’s information is presented in three or more tabbed pages.  Some information may be locked to prevent editing.  You can modify information and save the changes.

How to bulk-manage users

Identity Maestro provide two methods to bulk manage users:

  • From the list of users, use CTRL and click to select users.  Right-click a user in the selected list and Identity Maestro will provide a smaller  menu of tasks that can be performed against the selected users, or
  • From the list of users, use CTRL and click to select users.  Click the Bulk Manage button at the top of the user list and Identity Maestro will open a wizard with different procedures that can be completed.


Create Module

Select the Create tab to access the list of create folders that contain create profiles which are procedure wizards.  You can double click a folder or create profile.  Some create profiles will be enabled for Bulk create.

How to create a user

Double-click a create profile to start the procedure which will open a web form.  Complete the required and option fields and click Next.  Complete the rest of the procedure steps as presented.

Identity Maestro will display the values you provided before you can complete the procedure.

How to bulk create users

Select a create profile that is Bulk enabled.

In the create form, select the option to bulk import users using a CSV file.  Select the CSV file and click Next.

Identity Maestro will display the CSV file as a list.  Select specific rows from the list, or choose to use all rows.

Next, you will match the column headers from the CSV file to the corresponding fields in the create user form.

Identity Maestro will show a Summary confirmation page that indicates how many users will be created.

Click Create to complete the procedure.  Once Identity Maestro has finished the complete job, it will display a list of users created and which experienced errors.