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How-to Guides

General Guide

This guide will explain to front-line helpdesk staff how to use Manage and Create modules to support users. Learn more

Self Service Guide

This guide is for end-users to learn how to configure their Self Service options and settings, and how to change their password using the “Forgot Password” feature. Learn more

Auditors Guide

Auditors can be provided special access to Identity Maestro to read system logs and export those logs as part of their IT audit responsibilities. Learn more


Each Identity Maestro purchase includes six hours of professional services in “Identity Maestro Success Bundle”. Our technical team will lead your team through the installation and set up of the Identity Maestro server. Learn more 


The “Identity Maestro Success Bundle” includes admin user training and documentation on the back-end Administrators panel used to configure the Manage, Create, Audit and Self Service modules, and to make administrative changes to Identity Maestro server. Learn more (available soon)

Enterprise Workflow

Additional professional services is included for customers who purchase “Enterprise Workflow” which includes training and documentation to explain how to use the Workflow Builder to model workflows for Create processes. Learn more (available soon)