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Get Started Bundle

Get Started Bundle for Identity Maestro Deployments

Purpose of the Get Started Bundle

The Get Started Bundle (GSB) provides a structured installation and configuration of the Identity Maestro server and connection agents in a customer’s environment by an Identity Maestro Professional Services Team member.  Our goal is to ensure that the Identity Maestro system deployment is complete and is configured to meet the clients management needs.

The GSB professional services bundle is available with six hours of professional services at the standard rate of $150.00 an hour (US).

The GSB includes planning, installation, configuration, implementation and administrator training by our support team for the Identity Maestro system administrator.  It does not include professional services for custom development, custom extension or adapter integration or WorkFlow Engine server implementation.  These services are provided by the Identity Maestro developer team and are provided at the rate of $200.00 an hour.

Ordering a GSB

Contact the Identity Maestro Team to place an order for a GSB.

Initial Contact

Upon receipt of a GSB order, a member of the Identity Maestro Professional Services Team will contact the customer to discuss the system requirements, confirm business use case requirements and schedule the appointment.  The customer will receive an email that contains the necessary instructions and links to our Knowledge Base to prepare their environment for the Identity Maestro system installation, configuration and licensing.

Outline of an Identity Maestro System Deployment

The assigned Identity Maestro Professional Services Team member will work with the customer to plan and implement the deployment. Provided that the customer’s environment has been properly prepared, a typical GSB appointment will normally take 6 hours split across three appointments and involves:

  • Deployment appointment (2 hours) – Confirm host Windows system requirements.  Download, install, configure connections and license the Identity Maestro server.  Configuring “Delegated Administration” and then configuring the first Identity Maestro module, usually the MANAGE module.
  • Training Appointment (2 hours) – Work to configure the second Identity Maestro module, usually the CREATE module including testing of single user and bulk user creation.
  • Training Appointment (2 hours) – Work to configure SELF SERVICE and AUDIT REPORTING modules, and training on the normal administrative practices.

Completion of the GSB

Upon completion of the GSB, the assigned Identity Maestro Professioonal Services Team member will provide the customer with an email record of the GSB activities.