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1. Getting Started

  • 1. What is ServiceControl?

    ServiceControl is designed by enterprise management professionals for busy IT administrators who need to securely delegate account creation and management tasks to front-line staff ... without having to train them on multiple account management tools or web service administrative panels that are complex and often require full admin rights and security permissions.

    Hosted on your private internal cloud infrastructure, ServiceControl delivers a web interface for senior IT administrators, front-line helpdesk staff, and end-users who consume the services that you provision and manage.

  • 2. How will ServiceControl improve our systems / services management?

    ServiceControl delivers immediate ROI.  It saves you and your team time.  It cuts down on training costs.  It reduces the time to provision users to grant them access across multiple systems and services ... and the de-provision processes are just as complete and just as fast.

    On top of that, ServiceControl's advanced audit and reporting will help you pass your next IT, IDM and IAM audits with flying colors.

  • 3. What are the top 3 benefits that ServiceControl delivers?

    Top 3 benefits ... how about the top 6 benefits!

    1. Rapid Provision of Employees. ServiceControl provides a unified means to provision and manage users and groups across multiple systems and services. This reduces the time it takes to deliver access to business resources for new employees.

    2. Preservation of System and Service Administrator Access. ServiceControl provides an easy method to provision tasks that your front-line staff will be able to perform without requiring administrative access to those systems. This preserves the integrity of the credentials of critical service accounts and controls administrator level access to those business resources. Front-line staff will be limited to managing those business resources that are assigned to them in ServiceControl.

    3. Low Deployment Costs. ServiceControl deployment projects do not require extensive consultant services to complete. Most clients can have ServiceControl integrated into their environment within a few hours or days reducing project cost and delivering a stable and functional solution with minimal professional service expense.

    4. Manage Mulltiple Systems & Services. ServiceControl can connect to manage on-premise systems and cloud services providing a single interface for front-line staff to manage user access for CRM/ERP, HR, directory, email, messaging, collaboration, physical security ... any system that has a database of users and provides a means to connect. Training front-line staff will take less time, cost less, and ensure that employees will be serviced by a single front-line team.

    5. System Engineer Freedom. Once ServiceControl is deployed and front-line staff are trained, system engineers are freed from the daily user management "grind" and can focus their valuable expertise on system and service management, IT budgets and security responsibilities.

    6. Minimal system requirements. ServiceControl has minimal system requirements so infrastructure costs to host ServiceControl are much lower that other comparable solutions.

    Value: The Right People in the Right Place doing the Right Job in Real Time for Less Cost.

  • 4. Who are typical customers for ServiceControl?

    ServiceControl is designed for enterprise environments with a large number of employees that need access to a diverse range of systems and services. If an enterprise can benefit from a customer-driven front-line team that needs a single tool to support those users ... ServiceControl is the solution you are looking for.

    ServiceControl is designed for large education environments, government departments and agencies, and multi-national, national and local corporations in most business verticals including manufacturing, transportation, science & technology, financial, health services, and IT services.

    ServiceControl has been implemented with Fortune 500 corporations, large academic university campuses, and several national government departments.

  • 5. Is there a trial or evaluation version available?

    We recognize that ServiceControl deployments require certain skill sets to configure, evaluate and and assess before a commitment is approved to integrate our solution into production systems and services. We will work with customers to ensure that they are provided professional services, technical assistance and time to complete a proper analysis.

    Our goal is to ensure that you will succeed with leveraging the available technological advantages that ServiceControl delivers.

  • 6. How long does it take to install and configure ServiceControl?

    Typically, it will take between 30 to 60 minutes to install ServiceControl and configure connections to typical systems (user directory and email).

    Connecting to additional on-premise systems and cloud services will take more time, especially if a special connection type needs to be defined.

    The majority of the commitment involved with implementing ServiceControl is the defining access controls for users who will use ServiceControl, and defining all of the configuration assets and components to provision the various modules and features. The length of time it takes to configure an enterprise ServiceControl implementation is directly related to the complexity of the business requirements for the enterprise.

  • 7. Is assistance provided to install and configure ServiceControl?

    What is success worth?

    ServiceControl is not easy ... neither is management of enterprise systems and services.

    We offer a Get Started Bundle that includes 6 hours of professional services provided by one of our experienced ServiceControl experts. The Get Started Bundle can include:

    • Discovery, analysis and creation of an action plan for a ServiceControl server deployment
    • Installation and configuration of a ServiceControl to connect to your enterprise on-premise systems and cloud-based services.
    • Leading your IT team to configure the various ServiceControl modules (Create, Manage, Audit and Self Service) to meet your IT management requirements.
    • Training your IT team to create managed work flows to automate the provision of users in your connected systems and services.

    Contact us to discuss your requirements and how the investment of a Get Started Bundle can guarantee a successful ServiceControl deployment and integration into your IT management processes.

2. Managed Systems and Services

  • 1. What systems / services can ServiceControl connect to and manage?

    ServiceControl comes bundled with connections to Microsoft Active Directory and Exchange, NetIQ (Novell) eDirectory and GroupWise, and OpenLDAP.

    ServiceControl also includes adapters (similar to connections) for Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. Adaptors to common cloud-based CRM / ERP systems are now in development.

    ServiceControl does not limit you to a single vendor solution, rather it can offers a management solution that meets the demands of mixed networks using mixed directory, email, and application services.

    Contact our sales team to discuss what is available and what the future possibilities include.

  • 2. What if a customer has an in-house developed system or service?

    Many enterprise implement in-house developed systems to facilitate line of business processes that are specific to their customer offerings or for managing services for their staff, vendors or partners.

    Contact us and our development team will initiate in a co-operative professional services engagement with your development team to build a ServiceControl adapter to add your in-house systems into the envelope of ServiceControl managed systems.

3. How ServiceControl Works

  • 1. What kinds of management functions can be completed in ServiceControl?

    ServiceControl includes five key modules:

    Create Module - includes the ability to build create forms and profiles so your front-line helpdesk staff can create a new user by filling in an online form. ServiceControl gathers the information necessary to provision users and grant them access to your enterprise systems and online services. You can build single user create forms and enable those forms to bulk create users from a CSV file. Create profiles can then be merged into a Create Workflow that will schedule the user creation process and report on the success of each stage of the create process.

    Workflow Module - includes a workflow builder that allows ServiceControl administrators to build create and manage workflows. Using a single web form, user information gets entered one time and ServiceControl workflow will create the user entities in all the systems and online services that are linked to that workflow.

    Manage Module - includes a query form to locate user entities on the systems connected to ServiceControl. Your front-line staff can then manage those user entities, modify information, add users to groups and distributions lists (or remove users from groups and lists), enable or disable a mailbox, change passwords, enable and disable users, and unlock users.

    Self Service Module - provision a web portal for normal users to enable a forgot password process, and allows those users to modify their personal data.

    Audit Module - provision a web portal for ServiceControl administrators to gain access to ServiceControl logs. Additionally, IT auditors can be provided exclusive access to audit ServiceControl system logs.

  • 2. Can user and group entities be bulk managed?
    The ServiceControl Manage Module includes a directory browser where you can navigate the directory and select an OU container and display all of those users in a list. You can also perform wildcard searches to display of users. You can now use CTRL and click to select two or more users and click the bulk manage button to start the Bulk Manage wizard.
  • 3. Can the UI interface be customized to support specific business / security requirements?

    Yes. ServiceControl administrators can access an "Administration" panel that provides access to the tools to modify user information forms, modify sequence of some of the custom wizards, create custom wizards, and theme the entire ServiceControl portal for your front-line staff.

    As an administrator, you can control what information is delivered to your helpdesk staff and middle level admins by defining what tasks those users can complete in ServiceControl which also controls what information is made available your staff.

  • 4. Does ServiceControl support scheduled bulk create of user entities across multiple systems / services?

    Service Control Workflow Module is used to schedule the bulk creation of user entities across multiple disparate systems and services. So what does this module offer?

    Workflow Builder - an online UI that is used to model user creation workflow. Select connections or adapters to systems or services, add actions, conditions and triggers, and conditional sequences. Multiple workflows can be combined to create a comprehensive user creation project that can be scheduled.

    Bulk Creation Scheduler - schedule a workflow project with defined start dates. Plug-in an input file or source of users and schedule the project. Scheduler tracks each user creation process, identifies those creation sequences that cannot be completed and re-schedules those to start in the future.

    Reports and Notification - once a workflow project has been completed, ServiceControl will provide a report to show successful user creations and identifies challenges that need follow-up corrective action.

  • 5. Is there a method to model a create process for multiple systems / services?
    The ServiceControl Workflow Module includes a WorkFlow Builder which provides a drag and drop methodology to build creation process models that can be combined into a project. Each object that you add into the model has properties that you can use to define conditions, triggers and actions. This visual paradigm allows rapid creation and testing of workflow creation processes.
  • 6. Is Audit Reporting provided and can access to Auditing information be restricted?
    One of the major ServiceControl modules is the Audit Module. Like other modules, ServiceControl administrators can use user groups to control who has access to the module to read and export reports. It is possible to provision a small group of IT auditors who only have access to ServiceControl audit reports to ensure that audit regulatory provisions can be met.
  • 7. Does ServiceControl include notification feature to warn ServiceControl admins of technical issues?
    ServiceControl administrators can use the Notification section of the Administration module to enable the automated notification feature and define which email address will receive the notification emails.
  • 8. Can the ServiceControl Web Application be themed?
    The ServiceControl back-end Administration panel provides access to the necessary tools to theme the website and to add additional helpful textual content on the login pages.

4. ServiceControl Editions

  • 1. Is ServiceControl an on-premise server or a cloud-based service?
    ServiceControl is available as both an on-premise edition and a hosted service in the cloud.
  • 2. When will ServiceControl Cloud become available?
    ServiceControl Cloud will be available in Q3 of 2014.
  • 3. Is it possible to switch between editions?

    ServiceControl Cloud and ServiceControl On-Premise share the same architecture and code base, so it will be possible to move between editions. This will only be offered as a billable professional service engagement.

    Customers are responsible to ensuring that their corporate on-premise systems and online services will be accessible to ServiceControl, regardless of which edition the customer subscribes to.

5. Security

  • 1. Can you provide an overview of ServiceControl security practices?

    The best way to think of ServiceControl is as an information straight pass-through architecture. ServiceControl does not retain a copy user passwords or personal information stored in Directory and other connected systems and services. ServiceControl does a data redirect from the system or service storing personal information and the ServiceControl web application making that information visible in the ServiceControl web browser pages/panels.

    Contact our technical team for additional security practises information.

  • 2. What type of personal information does ServiceControl store?
    ServiceControl does not save a copy of personal information to the server with the exception service logs that record the first and last name of users that are created and managed. In addition, the "forgot password' questions and answers are stored. Passwords and authentication information is passed from the ServiceControl login screens to the directory that will validate user credentials and grant access.

6. Pricing

  • 1. How much does ServiceControl cost?

    ServiceControl uses a subscription-based license model that supports four different pricing verticals (corporate, government, university students and K-12 students). Customers must purchase license seats for all active users in the primary target Directory. Licenses for secondary Directory, email and other systems or services that match the primary Directory are included. Enterprise Workflow is an additional cost. Volume pricing is available for larger environments.

    You can find pricing information on our ServiceControl Pricing page. Contact our Sales Team to discuss pricing for your environment.

  • 2. Is there a charge to install ServiceControl?

    Customers must purchase a ServiceControl Success Bundle which includes six hours of professional services to install, configure and test ServiceControl. Our technical team will lead your Riva admin team through all steps of integrating ServiceControl into your lab or production environment.

    The ServiceControl Success Bundle includes access to the download site for the ServiceControl installer, and access to administrator level documentation, training material and tutorial videos.

  • 3. Can additional licence seats be added to existing licenses?

    Yes. As your environment grows, or as you add additional systems or services that would not be covered under your current license agreement, you can purchase additional license seats. Additional license purchases are pro-rated to ensure that all licenses will expire on the same support expiration date. Our License team will provide a replacement license that includes the additional license seats.

    Contact our Sales team for additional license cost information.

  • 4. Is there an enterprise level license available?
    Contact our Sales Team to discuss pricing for your enterprise environment.

7. Support and Training

  • 1. Is online documentation available?
    Yes, ServiceControl "How-to" guides are available for front-line helpdesk operators, user self-service, and IT system auditors. Additional online documentation is provided to clients during their ServiceControl Success Bundle appointments and training sessions.
  • 2. Is there an online Knowledge Base that provides resoution to common issues?
    Yes, an online support knowledgebase is under development and will be made available to customers during their ServiceControl Success Bundle.
  • 3. Is training available?
    Yes, training is delivered as part of the ServiceControl Success Bundle during the installation and configuration of the customer's ServiceControl server.
  • 4. Are professional services available to assist with customizing ServiceControl once it is installed?

    Yes. Professional services are available to assist customers with customization, additional training, corporate documentation, and addition of more systems or services and extending workflow projects into create profiles.

    Contact our Sales Team to discuss your requirement for professional services and to obtain a quote.