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Webinar Replay: Build your Cloud MSP around Simplified Identity Orchestration and Management

Adding simplified Identity Orchestration and Management to your Microsoft practice will bring increased profitability and secure your business for the future.

Watch our latest webinar to discover how you can immediately benefit from building your future with Identity Maestro by:

  • moving from “break-fix” for traditional on-premises customers to providing scalable Managed Cloud and Identity Services through Azure
  • managing your client’s legacy on-premises systems and their O365 identities with ease
  • providing managed identity and workflow services for Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid customers
  • transitioning your customers to long-term, subscription-based, recurring revenue
  • being a valued contributor to your clients’ policy and security teams by helping them plan, develop and implement best industry practices for Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM)



Learn how Identity Maestro helps your customers overcome the complexity of providing Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM) and Access Control across multiple Cloud-based services and on-premises environments compared to using standard complex tools. Our Integrated and Advanced Workflow Control are the special sauce that makes it all happen.  All facets of account provisioning, deprovisioning, management, and user self-service across the multiple systems are controlled by simple yet sophisticated Workflow, Audit and Reporting controls. Join Aldo Zanoni, CEO, to see how Identity Maestro will help you make the transition to long-term, subscription-based, recurring revenue opportunities by providing managed services to cloud, on-premises and hybrid customers.