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Welcome to Identity Maestro

Welcome to Identity Maestro

A better and simpler way to manage hybrid identities.

Identity Maestro overcomes the complexity of providing Identity Orchestration,  Management (IOM) and Access Control across multiple Cloud-based services and on-premises environments. Identity Maestro is ideal for solution architects, IOM, IDM and IAM project managers, line-of-business application owners, and busy IT administrators. Identity Maestro empowers HR, non-IT staff, and Line-of-Business teams to automate and standardize workflow-enabled Identity Orchestration and business processes – without requiring elevated privileges. Full support for identity and account provisioning, management, user self-service and workflow approval across your multiple business units, systems and services. Identity Maestro enhances compliance across all business units through its rich Identity Orchestration, audit trail and enhanced security. Full support for Azure, Office 365, Skype for Business, Skype for Business Server, Line -of-Business Applications, Exchange Online, AD, Exchange, and Lync. Identity Maestro helps satisfy long-term hybrid identity and user and access life-cycle needs across your mission-critical systems.

Why does Identity Maestro captivate our customers? Because it:

  • Delivers immediate ROI. It increases business efficiency, accelerates cloud adoption, reduces complexity, manpower and IT costs – while streamlining business operations.
  • Simplifies IDM tasks and Identity Orchestration through workflow.
  • Provides agility. It accelerates user satisfaction and enables organizations to adapt and grow in the competitive marketplace. Supports existing IDM platforms, federated identities and SSO.
  • Enhances compliance for PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC), ISO 27001 and others.
  • Provides extensibility with SaaS connectors, support for legacy business applications and connections to multiple services and business apps.
  • Fills the gaps in existing IDM infrastructure. It integrates with legacy systems without having to rip and replace critical, long term IAM investments.

First, our team will help you connect Identity Maestro to your critical cloud-based and on-premises account directories and email systems. Then, we will help you configure delegated account management tasks, workflow enablement, and identity orchestration for your cloud and classic CRM, ERP, HR, and other line-of-business systems. Identity Maestro runs in your private cloud or data center and connects to your multiple target systems. Identity Maestro connectors, remote agents and workflow are key to being able to securely delegate, automate and standardize identity tasks to be applied by your front-line teams and non-IT staff. Identity Maestro cuts down on training and personnel costs. Self-service functions across multiple systems are captured by Identity Maestro’s full audit log. Advanced audit and reporting will help you pass your next IT, IOM, IDM, IAM and security audits with flying colors.

Don’t get left behind in the IDM Cloud dust! Secure your company’s future with Identity Maestro.

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