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Provision accounts more quickly

Identity Maestro delivers a simpler way to create and manage identities across multiple systems. In our Create module, you can use pre-configured forms that standardize and automate provisioning processes for new accounts, email lists, groups, resources, and other objects.

Write data to multiple services using a single form

Identity Maestro user-create profiles can be integrated to service multiple systems. That means, from a single form, you can provision accounts across multiple systems and services. Individual form fields can write data to multiple systems. And we can expose custom fields that write specific data to the relevant systems.

Drive productivity and increase sales

The immediate benefit to your team is improved productivity and agility. Instead of waiting days or weeks for accounts to be set up across individual systems, they can be up and running much more quickly with Identity Maestro. Your account provisioning processes will be more efficient, fully audited, and the best part is that front-line staff can take care of it – freeing up senior admins to focus on other projects that drive sales and improve customer engagement.

Introducing the new Office 365 Bulk Create Feature:

1.  Create identities across multiple systems

Scroll through the screen shots below to see how our Create Module works.