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Enhance Compliance and Improve Network Security with our Audit Module

Identity Maestro enhances compliance across all business units through its rich identity orchestration audit trail and enhanced security. Identity Maestro enhances compliance for PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC), ISO 27001 and others. Our platform eliminates the need for Service Desk and junior administration staff to access management consoles that should only be used by senior resources. You no longer need to assign special permissions or access privileges to non-technical users to carry out tasks. With Identity Maestro, you delegate audit functions to your service team as required.

Quickly search and identify potential security issues

Use Identity Maestro Audit Viewer and Reporting to download audit logs or export them to Microsoft Excel for custom analysis. Filter and sort the audit log based on the following attributes:

  • Granular control over selection of audit logs (by year, month, week, day)
  • View Identity Maestro activity and life-cycle reports for users and objects
  • View audit log preview in browser
  • Filter audit log by column (date, action, success, host IP, user system, user LDAP path, Identity Maestro module, task name, destination system, description)
  • View Identity Maestro dashboard (activities per hour, activities per day, top 10 operators)
  • And more…

4.  Monitor every change made

Scroll through the screen shots below to see how our Audit Module works.