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Major Announcements, 2015

Jan 5 Assignment of eControl Terms and Agreement to ServiceControl

Major Announcements, 2014

Aug 18 The password challenge – and an almost perfect solution!
Aug 13 ServiceControl – The best option to solve your user account management challenges
Aug 13 The ex-employee menace
Jul 30 Top 6 lessons learned at Cloud Identity Summit 2014
Jul 25 Cloud Identity Summit 2014

Major Announcements, 2013

Aug 12 ServiceControl simplifies student account management in Swedish municipality

Major Announcements, 2012

Oct 17 ServiceControl and IdMaaS provide more control and security in account and user management
Feb 29 ServiceControl with centralized Cloud dashboard for account and user management at CeBIT 2012

Major Announcements, 2011

Dec 15 Binaria centralizes Active Directory, Exchange and SAP management with ServiceControl
Nov 28 Binaria centraliza la administración y creación de usuarios en AD, Exchange y otros sistemas con ServiceControl
Nov 14 ServiceControl como plataforma unificada de administración de usuarios y control de accesos
Aug 2 IDM 2011 London – Fifth Annual Identity Management Conference
Mar 6 Webinar: Strengthen compliance and IT security with ServiceControl
Jan 18 ServiceControl featured at Data Connectors Chicago
Jan 10 ServiceControl delivers unified, SaaS management console for multiple applications

Major Announcements, 2010

Nov 16 ServiceControl 3.6 – New features
Nov 04 Evento recepción de Chile – “Seguridad informática: Gestíon de identidades 2.0″
Nov 04 Frankfort Schools use ServiceControl to manage Active Directory and eDirectory student accounts
Oct 27 CeBIT announcement – ServiceControl extension for SAP
Oct 15 ServiceControl makes the grade at Fordham University School of Law
May 10 ServiceControl manages Exchange, Active Directory, eDirectory, GroupWise, SAP and others from a single SaaS application
Apr 20 Bulk create and manage user accounts in Microsoft, Novell and third-party systems
Apr 13 The University Hospital of Würzburg simplifies Novell Identity Management with ServiceControl’s centralized user administration
Apr 13 ServiceControl extensions enable partners and customers to integrate and manage strategic line-of-business applications
Mar 02 ServiceControl extensions allow SaaS partners to streamline and simplify account management across multiple applications – Now includes SAP support
Feb 19 ServiceControl training event in Munich
Jan 26 ServiceControl expands in Europe – Resellers wanted
Jan 14 ServiceControl 3.5 preview – Learn about ServiceControl’s latest features – Sign up for a webinar

Major Announcements, 2009

Nov 16 A practical combination – Identity management and SaaS (Software as a Service)
Nov 10 ServiceControl delivers simplified, delegated management and auditing for M+Guardian and M+Archive for Exchange and GroupWise
Oct 05 Identidad e integración: El primer encuentro de en Chile
Oct 01 Expands UK and EMEA Presence – Now Speaks German, Dutch, Polish, Spanish, English and French!
Sep 16 Training in Munich – ServiceControl and Riva Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Sep 16 Training in Berlin – ServiceControl and Riva Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Sep 16 Training in London – ServiceControl and Riva Integration Server for Exchange and AD
Aug 10 ServiceControl and EMU help Sandusky City Schools manage 4,000 student accounts with an IT staff of three
May 29 ServiceControl and Riva for GroupWise seminar
Feb 24 ServiceControl and EMU help Beech Grove City Schools focus on server virtualization and Linux migration projects

Major Announcements, 2008

Oct 22 Top CIO Priorities
Jul 15 Asesorías ADL lanza ServiceControl para delegar tareas de administración en Active Directory y Exchange

Major Announcements, 2007

Nov 04 Multinational company deploys ServiceControl to manage growth and prepare for Novell Identity Manager
May 04 Global retailer uses ServiceControl to enhance Novell Identity Manager implementation
Apr 27 Web-based, cross-platform, delegated user account administration and identity management enhancement white paper
Apr 27 City government simplifies Novell Identity and GroupWise user account management with ServiceControl
Feb 12 Global retailer uses ServiceControl to enhance Novell Identity Manager implementation

Major Announcements, 2006

Mar 08 Rockford Corporation uses ServiceControl to enhance Sarbanes-Oxley compliance by delegating account administration for Novell eDirectory and GroupWise operations
Feb 13 Releases ServiceControl 2.0 for Cross-platform Identity Management
Jan 04 Ten questions to determine if ServiceControl is right for you

Major Announcements, 2005

Nov 04 Wilfrid Laurier University enhances delegated account administration for Novell GroupWise and NetMail with ServiceControl
Oct 05 Arizona school district increases Novell and GroupWise ROI with ServiceControl delegated account administration