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ServiceControl simplifies student account management in Swedish municipality.

ServiceControl simplifies student account management in Swedish municipality.

Ånge kommun – Case Study

Ånge kommun, one of Sweden’s 290 municipalities, uses ServiceControl to simplify student account management in Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory for 1500 students. ServiceControl delivers a unified dashboard and easy-to-use web application to centrally manage student accounts across directory and email systems.


Aditor (, Ånge kommun’s IT consulting partner, recommended ServiceControl to reduce the amount of time Ånge kommun’s help desk staff and administrators were spending on student account management in Microsoft Active Directory and Novell eDirectory. With ServiceControl, the municipality’s seven system administrators and help desk staff are now able to control and manage user accounts from a secure and unified web application. They no longer need to work with multiple complex management consoles that require extensive training.

The Challenge

“Student account management at Ånge kommun used to be difficult and time-consuming,” said Roger Jonsson, owner and head of sales of Aditor. “Teachers wanted to be able to update student passwords quickly, but only support staff with Active Directory accounts were able to manage student accounts and update their passwords. Given the complexity of the standard Active Directory and eDirectory management tools, simple password updates needed to be carried out by full IT administrators. Student account management became very burdensome, in particular, for schools that needed to provision and manage large numbers of new student accounts each year.”

“The key challenge is that no system administrator wanted to give access to the native management consoles for Active Directory and eDirectory due to security concerns and the complexity of these applications. Extensive technical training is required even for junior administrators and teachers to carry out the simplest of tasks, such as password changes,” continued Jonsson.

The Solution

ServiceControl provides a simpler alternative to complex administration tools for Active Directory and eDirectory. With ServiceControl, administrators can delegate user account management tasks quickly and securely. Help desk staff, junior administrators, and teachers only require very basic computing skills to carry out delegated tasks. And administrators have access to a full audit trail of all changes that are made. ServiceControl is secure and can be fully locked down to only allow users to manage certain accounts and carry out a very limited set of tasks.

ServiceControl enables systems administrators at Ånge kommun to focus on more critical tasks, while teachers and non-technical employees are empowered to carry out routine, day-to-day student account management tasks like password resets.

From a single web application, ServiceControl unifies user account management and access control for Microsoft Active Directory, Microsoft Exchange, SAP, Oracle, Novell eDirectory, Novell GroupWise, SQL databases, OpenLDAP, HR systems, and others.

Security concerns are no longer an issue, because ServiceControl only allows non-technical users to carry out the tasks that have been assigned to them against specific directory groups and users. ServiceControl’s Audit and Reporting tools simplify internal audits and ad hoc security reports.

“ServiceControl quick and easy to implement. It took only a few minutes to show teachers and non-technical users how to change passwords. No training course was required,” said Jonsson.

The Results

“Ånge kommun has been using ServiceControl for two years now. The municipality is very pleased with how quickly and easily they can manage student accounts with ServiceControl.”

“Administrators are happy that they can dedicate their precious time to larger, more critical projects. And teachers are grateful that they can personally carry out password resets without needing to waste any classroom or lab time and without needing to bother IT administrators,” said Jonsson.

“Probably the best indicator of ServiceControl’s success at Ånge kommun is that we, Aditor, the municipality’s IT provider, haven’t received a single support call since we deployed ServiceControl.”

August 12, 2015