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Surviving the Tsunami of IDM, IAM and IGA Challenges – Recommendations from Gartner Identity Summit, London 2017

Surviving the Tsunami of IDM, IAM and IGA Challenges – Recommendations from Gartner Identity Summit, London 2017
The leading theme of the 2017 London Gartner Identity & Access Management event was “Reimagine IAM to Accelerate Digital Business Identity”.  This was definitely a hot topic as companies look to respond to the changing needs of their IDM, IAM and IGA environments.

There were four key themes in this year’s sessions:

  • IGA – Identity and Governance Administration (IGA) is the new term used to identify the umbrella under which fall all Identity Management, Identity Access Control and related activities and processes;
  • IGA expands Identity Management and Identity Access Control to integrate Line-of-Business (LoB) entities and access control based on defined roles and processes across multiple business units in an enterprise.
  • RBAC versus ABAC (Role Based Access Control versus Attribute Based Access Control) will become important in the success of future identity projects;
  • PAM (Privileged Access Management) needs to expand to include cloud services and system partners.

Gartner expects 63% of companies to change their IDM/IAM solutions by 2018 – a virtual tsunami that will cause significant challenges and turmoil.  For most companies, the transition is expected to take years for needs analysis, selection, financing, and implementation.  Corporations with up to 10,000  employees will invest upwards of 2.5 M USD on their IGM projects.

Gartner recommends companies consider the following factors when choosing their new IGA solution:

  • A successful IGA strategy will no longer focus on provisioning and managing user identity and authentication credentials – it will deliver Identity Access Administration, Governance, Access Control, and process control across multiple systems, business units and Line-of-Business applications;
  • IAM solutions that deliver enhanced compliance and scalability will win in today’s and tomorrow’s changing markets;
  • Integrating Line-of-business (LoB) identity and access control are critical to implementing your new IGA strategy;
  • Solutions built on platforms that deliver customization and process controls vs. a plethora of individual tools will become an important factor;
  • IoT/Machine integration must be considered;
  • Outsourced IDaaS (Identity as a Solution) will be a growing option
  • It is expected that up to 28% of companies will consider IdaaS in 2018 versus only 15% today;
  • Risks for privileged and elevated access management need to be solved;
  • Speed of deployment will matter;
  • Integration of Cloud/SaaS and critical legacy on-premise applications is more critical when implementing the next IGA solution;
  • The customer journey now plays a bigger role in IGA for B2C environments;
  • A very bold statement was “passwords must die”

Where and how does Identity Maestro fit with Gartner’s 2017 key themes and Identity Governance Administration success factors?

Identity Maestro allows you to embrace Gartner’s theoretical definition of  IGA and take it to the next level – execution. Identity Maestro’s Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM) provides a new way of delivering the entire identity life-cycle process – across multiple services and systems – from a single browser. Identity Maestro simplifies complexity.  It encapsulates IDM, IAM and IGA provisioning, deprovisioning and approval processes through its Identity Orchestration Workflow Engine.  And it is the Workflow Engine that differentiates Identity Maestro. It is the Workflow Engine that allows delegated management and access control with full advanced audit and life-cycle reporting controls across the multiple target systems.  Yes, there are other Identity Management solutions that offer workflow and approvals.  But Identity Maestro’s Orchestration Workflow is the key for your company being able to benefit from an immediate return on your Cloud investments while improving integration and control of your legacy on-premises technology solutions. Identity Maestro is the key to delivering RBAC and PAM because the Workflow Engine allows business logic and delegated impersonation to apply internal or external constraints to manage Role-based Access Control and Privileged Access Management.  And, Identity Maestro doesn’t have to be a rip-and-replace solution.  Companies with IDM or IAM in place can integrate Identity Maestro to their existing identity solutions to put them on the quickest path to value when implementing IGA.

With Identity Maestro, companies can improve their Identity Governance Administration in a matter of weeks and months instead of months and years.  Identity Maestro is designed from the ground up to deliver Out-of-the-Box simplicity for Identity Orchestration for companies of all sizes across the leading Cloud and on-premises systems, services and applications.

When we presented Identity Maestro’s Workflow-based Identity Orchestration and Management to a Gartner analyst at the London 2017 Summit, he was intrigued by its ability to deliver on the promise of “Hybrid Identity Made Simple“. He agreed there was significant value for solutions that can quickly close gaps between isolated on-premises systems and Cloud-based services. He believed that solutions like Identity Maestro that are able to implement a unified, simplified, fully audited, workflow-powered, delegated IGM solution have a distinct and immediate growth and profitability advantage over companies that continue to pursue a traditional IDM, IAM and IGA path. Identity Maestro was well received by this analyst.

Identity Maestro’s IOM implementations start by delivering immediate success with your key Cloud or on-premises services and applications including: Azure, Office 365 and Apps, AD, Exchange, Exchange Online, Skype for Business and others. It can then be configured and customized to extend the same workflow-enabled Identity Orchestration to your third-party Line-of-Business applications and external services.

Identity Maestro empowers your HR, non-IT, and Line-of-Business staff to become participants in your Identity Orchestration and Management workflow and approval-based business, identity and access control – without elevated privileges.
So, how can your company (whether you’re a solution provider or a potential customer) benefit from Identity Maestro’s new way of delivering value to your Identity Orchestration and Management requirements? Contact Us to schedule time to review the your IGA requirements and schedule a demonstration of Identity Maestro!