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MSPs move from Break-Fix to IDM as a Service in the Azure Cloud

MSPs move from Break-Fix to IDM as a Service in the Azure Cloud
Identity Management

Reflections from the UK Managed Services Hosting Summit 2017.

Three key takeaways for MSPs expanding services to the Azure cloud.
Delivering Security as a Service.
Exciting new opportunities for MSPs.
Be more profitable in 2017.
Issues MSPs face today.
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Our Identity Maestro team was excited to participate in the recent Managed Services Summit in London. The event addresses key issues in the IT industry to executives around the ITC channel delivering Manged Services and Hosting. Top of mind is the changing role of channel as it transitions from hardware and software supply to full IT and Cloud Service Provider. This has implications for sales processes, how a new stack of technologies is built, supported and expanded and how businesses find and create value in the new model.

The event kicked-off with some insights on how the new MSP marketplace is redefining the role of channel fundamentals, business models and relationships. Different sessions throughout the day provided deeper insights by industry experts. When you look at the agenda , you see why Identity Maestro was on target for attendees:

What It Takes To Sell Digital Business Solutions
 Identity Maestro helps MSPs build their MSP and CSP services around Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM)

Delivering Security-as-a-Service
Built on the Azure cloud, Identity Maestro is fully integrated with Office 365 and other Microsoft cloud and on-premises offerings. It enhances compliance and security across all business units and geographies.

Exciting new opportunities for MSPs in an information-rich environment
Adding simplified IOM and identity automation and workflow to your Microsoft practice will increase opportunities, profitability and customer retention.

Do You Want to Be More Profitable in 2017?
Identity Maestro reduces overhead for you and your clients and satisfies long-term identity and user access needs across all mission-critical systems. By collaborating with Identity Maestro, MSPs can seamlessly leverage Simplified Identity Orchestration as a Service for their customers.

Selling digital business solutions and ensuring the highest security in Cloud and legacy on-premise environments was the common theme in the breakout sessions and networking conversations. The MSP and CSP attendees were focused on high quality business case discussions. Of course, the upcoming changes concerning GDPR within the European Union, in combination with necessary changes with the Brexit in the UK, were discussed intensively. Our team had stimulating discussions with MSPs of various sizes. Of special interest, was our ability to orchestrate identities in hybrid environments and the secure and controlled management of directory systems with robust audit and reporting capabilities.

MSPs face the following issues today when building and expanding their services to the cloud:

1. Security

Currently, too many MSP staff members have access to elevated privilege accounts in each of their customers‘ Azure/Office 365 accounts – without limitations, documentation or the ability to audit access and actions by these staff members.  And much too often, former staff members retain logins and passwords for multiple systems after they leave.

2. Ease of Management

MSPs want to manage all of their customers‘ cloud-based and on-premises systems from a single pane of glass. Currently, in order for an MSP to manage Azure and Office 365 tenants through the default management portals, the MSP has to:
a) login to the respective CSP-portal (different per focus and region);
b) go to the program you want to manage (e.g. Azure) and perform the tasks;
c) log that in the internal ticket system; and
d) manually log the changes in another system (usually their CRM).

If an admin wants to perform a task for the same user who is not in Azure but in Office 365, he has to use another tab to carry that out. This results in a lot of manual work switching back and forth – and there is no audit log recording the changes that were made.

3. End-customer Service

We learned that in addition, CSP portals don‘t offer appropriate self-service for the end-customer. Some MSPs told us that other comparable solutions to Identity Meastro are far more expensive and there is no business case for managing SMBs.

3 keys takeaways for MSPs when expanding services to the Azure cloud.

The attendees we spoke to varied from consultants to smaller and very large MSPs. All of them were intrigued by the hybrid options of Identity Maestro delivering centralized management and access control with logs for cloud and on-premise systems.

  1. Identity Maestro workflows provide significant additional value for MSPs – especially for time-consuming and risky directory management.
  2. Identity Maestro can help MSPs to reduce potential human errors and improve efficiency by using one central interface and defining clear roles for admin, help desk, sales/management and self-service.
  3. Identity Maestro eases management of hybrid IT infrastructures and helps to deliver better services to customers ensuring high security.

Office 365, Azure and other cloud solutions are creating big opportunities for MSPs to help their customers move forward in the Cloud. Using a simplified IDM platform to deliver IDMaaS allows MSPs to embrace new apps and speed their customers‘ success. MSPs that build their futures on platforms like Identity Maestro will be able to guide their customers’ technology future and remain trusted stewards of their clients’ data. MSPs can move from “break-fix” to Scalable Managed Cloud Services with Identity Orchestration and Management as a Service. Contact us today to partner with Identity Maestro to build a profitable practice selling digital business solutions with the highest security in Cloud and legacy on-premise environments.

For more information, view our on-demand webinar on How to Build your Cloud MSP around Simplified Identity Orchestration and Management.

Andrea Kimpflinger
Andrea Kimpflinger is a professor of corporate communications and social media at the University of Applied Sciences in Neu-Ulm, Bavaria, Germany. Andrea has a 20-year proven track record in worldwide marketing and public relations programs for B2B start-up companies. Given her interest in cutting-edge technology and its impact on work and communications, Andrea supports Identity Maestro in EMEA. In her spare time, Andrea loves spending time with her chocolate Labrador, Frida, and she enjoys yoga.