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Microsoft Partners have a new path forward – Microsoft Inspire 2017

Microsoft Partners have a new path forward – Microsoft Inspire 2017

At Inspire 2017, Microsoft defined a new partner path for the future – by transforming their business model to be “partner-first, not just partner-led”.  Microsoft is investing $250 million dollars to connect partners with customers. Their goal is for partners to accelerate their MSP/CSP practice by using the leading technologies and tools to drive value for customers’ Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure investments. Identity Maestro can help accelerate your MSP’s future by delivering Simplified Identity Orchestration, Management and Workflow for Microsoft’s leading solutions.

Imagine being able to provide your staff with delegation of account administration staff across all of your multiple customers’ systems – from a single pane of glass!

Microsoft has long recognized that their solutions need to continue to become easier to use, access and manage for IT and end users. To achieve that, MSPs will need to be able to seamlessly provision end-user and IT access to the tools and systems the workforce demands.  Any delay in providing access to required resources inhibits growth, user satisfaction, and restricts the agility of customers to compete and lead in their market.

To sweeten the partner-first revenue for MSPs, Microsoft will be paying their reps on Azure-consumed revenue – including revenue generated by MSPs.  Microsoft is creating a new sales incentive for reps to co-sell with Azure ISVs—paying its sales reps 10% of the value of the partner solution when it is co-sold. This gives partners the ability and motivation to grow their future on cloud-based revenue opportunities.

Round-table discussions with Microsoft’s leadership and award-winning partners at Inspire confirmed that:

  • successfully managing identities across multiple systems and tenants is key to MSP and customers business growth and will create growth opportunities in MSP practices.
  • continued invention and evolution of better collaboration systems and cloud-based solutions (including CRM and ERP), outpace our ability to provision users and roles effectively to make use of them.
  •  the enterprise space is only 30% converted to cloud for their critical communication and collaboration tools. This is largely caused by an unaddressed ability to safely orchestrate identity and access across the multiple systems that deliver customers’ core business and manufacturing tools.
  • the IT community has the responsibility to provide stewardship and leadership in helping clients manage their systems while continue to close security gaps in their implementations.
  • MSPs need to guide and educate customers of damaging effects and results of not satisfying regulatory requirements related to personally identifiable information as legislation changes and is applied to a wider audience.

Analysts predict the need for new Identity Orchestration and Management strategies.

Analysts predict that hiring Identity and Access professionals must increase to allow organizations to meet upcoming regulations like GDPR.  New strategies need to implement pro-active policies and, more importantly, technology-supported processes to respond to the increasing insider threat that is the result of hybrid-cloud environments spanning international boundaries. New strategies to allow the delivery of delegated administration, rights management, and role-based access to users based on regional requirements will become the de facto requirement!  Allowing users to access full “keys-to-the-kingdom”, legacy-based elevated privilege and administrator accounts will become a thing of the past.

It is all about Identity Orchestration and Management.

View our recorded webinar to see Identity Maestro in action!

You’ll see how Identity Maestro can help your organization:

  • move from providing traditional on-boarding services for customers to providing Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM) for scalable delegated, managed, cloud and identity services for all customers.
  • manage your, and your clients’ legacy, on-premises, and new O365 and Azure identities with unparalleled simplicity and security.
  • transition your customers to long-term, subscription-based, recurring revenue.
  • be a valued contributor to your clients’ success by helping them plan, develop, and implement best industry practices for Identity Orchestration and Management (IOM) and Workflow
  • help your customers build a secure, seamless, future-based business with the least overhead and best value for both of you.

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