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Identity Maestro Shines at European Identity and Cloud Conference 2017

Identity Maestro Shines at European Identity and Cloud Conference 2017

Identity Maestro was pleased to be a first-time sponsor at this year’s European Identity and Cloud Conference (EIC17).

EIC is where identity management, cloud, and information security thought leaders and experts get together to discuss and shape the future of secure, privacy-aware, agile business strategies and innovation-driven IT.  Attendees were excited to see how Identity Maestro for hybrid systems can simplify and help shape their future growth.

95% of the companies and solution partners we met at EIC17 have existing legacy IDM systems in place – IDM systems that are complex, expensive, and inflexible but remain core to their critical IT and business operations.  Many of these companies were excited about how Identity Maestro changes the identity management landscape while allowing them to continue to leverage their existing IDM systems and processes.  Companies at the conference were looking for an innovative solution that would allow them to quickly fill the gaps in their existing IDM infrastructure and processes.  They saw the value that Identity Maestro can provide by delegating, extending and simplifying IDM tasks through advanced workflows to provide a flexible, secure solution to their growing compliance challenges.

Customer response was positive across three Identity Maestro target markets:

  • Customers with existing IDM, IAM and IGA solutions – looking to fill gaps,
  • Partners looking to help their existing and new customers move forward with a simpler and better cloud-inclusive strategy,
  • New SMB and mid-size customers looking for their first IDM, IAM or IGA solution.

Identity Orchestration for Companies and Partners with Existing IDM Systems

Identify Maestro adds value to companies with existing IDM implementations by:

  • helping them adapt more quickly to changing needs and growing security challenges caused by trying to manage on-premises systems and cloud-based services;
  • delivering immediate IOM support for the leading cloud-based services, applications and systems;
  • filling the gaps in identity provisioning, management, self-service, audit, orchestration processes and compliance in existing IDM, IAM, and IGA solutions. Identity Maestro integrates with legacy systems without having to rip and replace critical, long-term investments;
  • putting companies on the quickest path to pivot on their identity orchestration strategies;
  • overcoming current systems’ lack of flexibility, extensibility and agility;
  • allowing customers to leverage Identity Maestro in either a private cloud or enterprise data center environment;
  • improving time to value by increasing staff engagement and satisfaction;
  • leveraging Identity Maestro’s Identity Orchestration Workflow Engine to allow workflow approvals for account creation, management, and identity orchestration processes across cloud and classic CRM, ERP, HR, and other line-of-business systems;
  • delivering increased value to existing infrastructure and personnel investments.

Identity Orchestration for Companies looking for their first IDM Solution

Companies looking for a new IDM solution want to leap-frog their competition and not have to deal with the complexity, expense and heavy lifting of legacy solutions.  Customers new to Identity Management are excited to see how Identity Maestro delivers an effective and scalable solution that solves their immediate identity management and business challenges.

With Identity Maestro, companies can:

  • get immediate time-to-value by allowing our team to implement a complete, simplified, delegated solution to manage your key on-premise and/or cloud-based systems in a matter of weeks instead of months and years;
  • be secure in knowing Identity Maestro will allow you to start small and grow as your company’s needs mature and change;
  • leverage Identity Maestro’s delegated administration and reallocate precious and costly IT resources to higher-value growth-oriented projects;
  • benefit immediately from Identity Maestro’s Orchestration Workflow – key to helping your company achieve an immediate return on your Cloud investments while ensuring integration and control of your legacy on-premises technology solutions.

Supported Systems

Identity Maestro provides full support for Azure, Office 365, Skype for Business, Skype for Business Server, Line -of-Business Applications, Exchange Online, AD, Exchange, and Lync. It helps enhance compliance across all industry segments:  PCI, Sarbanes-Oxley, Governance Risk Compliance (GRC), ISO 27001 and others.

Interested in learning more about Identity Maestro?  Contact Us to schedule a product tour and review how Identity Maestro can help solve your Identity Orchestration and Management challenges.