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ServiceControl at Microsoft WPC 2016: A Tipping Point Event!

ServiceControl at Microsoft WPC 2016: A Tipping Point Event!

The ServiceControl™ team was thrilled to sponsor and exhibit at the 2016 Microsoft WPC in Toronto, Canada!

The booth was buzzing with Microsoft partners interested in learning about ServiceControl’s MSP platform for hybrid identity, governance, managed services, access and application control and workflow. It was exciting to share how ServiceControl delivers immediate success and value for partners who are looking to provide managed services to customers who have moved to the cloud, are looking to move to the cloud, and/or have legacy on-premises systems they need to manage at the same time!  With ServiceControl, partners and customers can have their cake and eat it too!  Booth visitors were pleased to hear how partnering with ServiceControl could open up new, recurring and greater revenue opportunities for providing managed services to customers. We even had a prize draw for a free Windows 2-in-1 PC. Check here to learn more about the winner.

What do The Tipping Point and ServiceControl have to do with WPC 2016?

In his acclaimed best seller, The Tipping Point: How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference, Malcolm Gladwell defines the tipping point as “the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.” The tipping point is that magic moment when an idea, trend, or social behavior crosses a threshold, tips, and spreads like wildfire. It’s exciting that the cloud and managed services verticals have now reached the tipping point!

Not surprisingly, one of the key messages of WPC 2016 centered around the cloud – its present status and how the future will continue to evolve around improved cloud offerings. Microsoft’s message focused on encouraging partners to explore new ways to solve the challenges faced by customers after they have made the move to the cloud. Microsoft warned partners to find ways to transition from a break/fix model to a model that delivers long-term managed services to their cloud customers – or to end up in the cloud dust. Partners that don’t make the transition will have missed the tipping point and are destined to become tomorrow’s dinosaurs!

Make a big difference with ServiceControl

Our objective at ServiceControl aligns perfectly with Microsoft’s recommendation to partners: We ensure service providers avoid the way of the dinosaurs and light their business on fire by transitioning into providing managed services to their customers. Don’t miss this tipping point!  Now is the perfect time to learn about how ServiceControl can help you build or improve your company’s managed services offering.

Become your customers’ trusted MSP with ServiceControl: Watch our recent webinar!

Tune into our webinar to learn how you can ignite your company’s managed services with ServiceControl’s Simplified Hybrid Identity, Application Access and Account Governance platform. Provide your customers with delegated and automated user account provisioning, management, self-service, audit and integration workflow for: Azure, Office 365, Exchange, Active Directory, Lync, Skype for Business, and other cloud services and on-premises applications.


ServiceControl – Hybrid Identity Management made simple

If you missed us at WPC, we invite you to learn more about the simplicity of ServiceControl’s Hybrid Identity Management, how it works, and why customers prefer us over other identity management solutions here.

If you are a Microsoft Solutions Partner, please contact us to learn more about ServiceControl, how we deliver a simpler and better  way to create and manage identities across multiple systems, and how to partner with us!

Congratulations to our raffle winner – Darrell Trimble!

darrell-trimble-75pxWe’d like to thank everyone who visited our booth and participated in our prize draw. WPC 2016 was a great opportunity to meet partners who are helping their customers get to the cloud and to discuss with them how ServiceControl can help them cross the chasm.  The winner of our raffle is Darrell Trimble, CEO at SP Marketplace. Founded in 2012, SP Marketplace (SharePoint Marketplace) focuses on providing cost effective collaborative business productivity solutions on Microsoft SharePoint on-premise or in the cloud. When asked what he liked about ServiceControl, Darrell responded, “I appreciate that ServiceControl is good for small businesses and can help my customers gain better control of the services they are running.” Thank you, Darrell! We think so too.

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