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Cloud + IAM = Wise Digital Business in 2017

Cloud + IAM = Wise Digital Business in 2017

The ServiceControl team recently attended the Gartner IAM Summit in Las Vegas. It was great to take a front-row seat to view the current and future landscapes of identity management. Analysts and customers shared their visions on how companies like ServiceControl can help them deliver continued success in 2017. As with any Gartner event, the agenda was packed with top notch speakers and compelling topics. Here are a few of the highlights:

This years’ conference theme centered on re-imagining identity management (IAM) to accelerate digital business. It was inspirational to see that presenters were focusing on the role of identity as the linchpin for digital transformation success. One of the key takeaways was that yesterday’s IAM solutions aren’t able to help customers needs today and in the future. Customers need to look at how advances in IAM can help them transition to the challenges of cloud and hybrid cloud IAM.


Of course, we can’t talk about digital transformation without talking about the cloud. It was clear – identity is critical to successful cloud adoption. Gartner analysts said that twenty-two percent of their clients expect to deploy cloud-based identity governance in 2017. And we all know that, when we talk about cloud, we must also talk about legacy systems and on premise apps because of customers’ existing investments. ServiceControl’s hybrid identity enablement platform connects the worlds of cloud and legacy to make your cloud strategy less scary and far less complex!


Death of the password

No conference would be complete if it didn’t help us to envision what’s on the horizon. Will there really be the death of the password? Possibly… Increases in standardization of IAM technologies like multi-factor authentication (MFA), single sign-on (SSO), biometrics for access security and others are developing quickly as digital transformation pushes these concepts to the forefront. With predictive AI, identity analytics promises to create a dynamic, risk-based approach to IAM.


Identity Analytics

It’s an inspiring time to be helping customers move forward with their identity management solutions. From what we saw and heard last week at the Gartner Identity Summit, there is lots of work to do and the future looks bright! Stay tuned for our big reveal of ServiceControl V4.0 in January 2017!

Nicole Bray
Nicole Bray is the Marketing Manager at ServiceControl. Since 1997, she has helped companies tell their unique brand story through graphic design, marketing, communications and social media. As a humble Canadian, she thrives on being a brand evangelist for others and owned an award winning social media marketing firm. Currently living in Houston, Nicole spends much of her free time in her studio combining text and imagery creating mixed media art. She has been fortunate to sell her work throughout North America.